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Next round of logos

If you happen to have any comments on these new designs, please leave them!

I may form a small team of people to whittle down these designs into a final set of 1-3 logos. Please leave a comment if you’d be interested in being part of that team and have some time in the next few days. Or perhaps the feedback will be concrete enough for us to proceed; let’s see what the comments bring.


UPDATE: Thanks to our friend Nicolas at

Branding brief

My friend Niclas Ljungberg overheard me complain about how discombobulated and disconnected the MetaBrainz branding currently is. There is some cohesion between MusicBrainz and MetaBrainz, but almost none to the newer projects like CritiqueBrainz and AcousticBrainz. And very few people are fond of the current logos (plus, they haven’t aged very well). When Niclas heard this, he said: “I can help you!”.

Getting help in the area of marketing and business is rare, so I jumped at the chance. Niclas and I sat down where Niclas interviewed me about how all the pieces currently fit together and how I  think they should fit together. The deliverable from this conversation is a “Branding brief” (PDF). It talks about the current state of things, the goals and then gives context and some suggestions that a graphic designer can use to start designing cohesive logos and cohesive site designs that we can use for our sites. It does not propose any concrete actions — please keep that in mind when you read the brief.

The next step is to work with a designer to turn Niclas’ branding brief into some logo concepts that meet the outlined goals. At this point, we’re not exactly ready to take any concrete feedback from the community — I’m mostly sharing this to show that I’ve started a process to fix our current branding situation.

I’m very happy with how far things have come in this process and I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to Nicals for donating his time to help us improve our overall presence on the net.

Thank you Niclas!

Welcoming Rassami Hok Ljungberg to the MetaBrainz Board of Directors

I’m pleased to announce that Rassami Hok Ljungberg of 2Pears, the organization that puts on the Music 4.5 seminar series, has joined the MetaBrainz Board of directors! Rassami is well connected in the music scene in Europe and has an extensive network of contacts in the music industry. Rassami has already been informally helping spread the word about MusicBrainz and its related projects for the past couple of years. I’m quite pleased that I get to work with her more formally now — welcome Rassami!

Rassami replaces outgoing board member Brian Zisk. Brian has been a board member for over 9 years and has done amazing things to help raise the visibility of MusicBrainz and to generally support our projects. Thank you for all of your support over the last 9 years, Brian!

I find it interesting and lovely that we’re swapping one amazingly connected maven who puts on music conferences for another amazingly connected maven who puts on music conferences. This is a conservation of mavens, while at the same time increasing the diversity of our board of directors.

Win-win! Thank you Brian and Rassami!