Server update, 2014-02-03

Another release for you! This time it’s fairly small, due to assorted work on longer-term projects, as well as a meeting including the main team in Chicago. Thanks to nikki for a lot of i18n fixes, and chirlu for the new reorder cover art UI, adding to the MetaBrainz team’s work!

The biggest user-facing change is that cover art can now be reordered by drag-and-drop. Thanks to chirlu for that patch!

The git tag for this release is v-2014-02-03.


  • [MBS-7074] – Regression: Inline search from an entity page finds the same entity
  • [MBS-7095] – ISRC/ISWC bubble shows [removed] when adding a recording/work
  • [MBS-7115] – Collections page only shows the first 25 collections.
  • [MBS-7154] – Attach CD TOC : some”show tracklist” buttons don’t work
  • [MBS-7169] – Internal server error loading non-existent relationship type page
  • [MBS-7174] – Artist level Vimeo links are matched to the wrong relationship type
  • [MBS-7175] – “Add Release” doesn’t seem to check the data in Label field in any way, says any text in label field is valid, gives no error
  • [MBS-7177] – Selecting a rel then another in the relationship editor causes a weird mixup
  • [MBS-7197] – Releases ISE when release groups are merged


  • [MBS-4374] – Use drag’n drop for re-ordering cover arts
  • [MBS-5869] – “New Image Goes Here” wrap-around
  • [MBS-7194] – Compile templates to files, and cache template compilation for a longer period


Server update, 2014-01-20

Hello again! This week’s release comes to you thanks to reosarevok, ocharles, chirlu, JesseW, and a few patches from the MetaBrainz team (though they’re mostly working on larger projects at present!).

As far as changes, we have a variety of fixes/improvements to URL cleanups, and a few fixes for the statistics pages and the new image viewer. Upon entering edits, the header will now provide a link to the edit (or an edit search, for several). And, of course, some assorted bugfixes.

Since it just happened earlier today, though it’s not technically part of the release, note that there’s also a few more packaging types and cover art types that have just been added.

Full list of fixes follows, as always. The tag for this week’s release is v-2014-01-20


  • [MBS-6265] – Sorting language statistics by the total amount the first time does not change anything except for the arrow
  • [MBS-6266] – The scripts table on languages/scripts statistics is missing sorting indicators
  • [MBS-6747] – Indexed search returns Release Labels out of order / strangely sorted
  • [MBS-6804] – URL cleanup doesn’t catch/clean iTunes URLs containing $
  • [MBS-6937] – URI relationship for VGMdb should accept .com TLD
  • [MBS-6959] – The entry for Serbia and Montenegro in the countries stats repeats the disambiguation comment in the artists column
  • [MBS-7129] – Regression: direct database search for areas doesn’t show area codes
  • [MBS-7139] – Regression: Sorting is gone from statistics tables
  • [MBS-7148] – shouldn’t include (trailing) join phrase
  • [MBS-7151] – The “previous” button in the image viewer doesn’t work
  • [MBS-7155] – Edit medium edits don’t indicate release artist
  • [MBS-7157] – Cover art preview popup stretches the image
  • [MBS-7158] – Clicking outside the artwork popup should close it
  • [MBS-7182] – Beta: ISE while showing an edit history


  • [MBS-3346] – Display edit number (preferrably as link) directly after edit
  • [MBS-6597] – Better cleaning for Soundtrack Collector URLs
  • [MBS-6652] – More Twitter URL clean up for mobile URLs, @username and trailing slashes
  • [MBS-6653] – Remove trailing slashes from Facebook URLs
  • [MBS-6678] – Clean up wikipedia links without any language code in them
  • [MBS-7152] – Show average rating in the /ratings page of entities
  • [MBS-7156] – Remove need to redirect in link to CoC on account/register


  • [MBS-7127] – Show containing areas in area search results (direct search)

Server update, 2014-01-06

Another two weeks and it’s time for the first release of the new year, a bit late in the day (it’s still the right day, at least in my time zone!) due to some database server issues we were having.

Most of this release is bug fixes, but there’s a new viewer for images, replacing thickbox which is very old and unmaintained, and edits now include color coding based on whether they are additions, removals, merges, etc. Thanks to nikki for the userscript the edit coloring is based on, and thanks to nikki, intgr, chirlu, reosarevok, and mineo for a variety of fixes supplementing the work of the MetaBrainz team this release.

The git tag for this release is v-2014-01-06.


  • [MBS-6177] – FreeDB import does not find album if trackcount is given
  • [MBS-6915] – Uploading multiple images in IE10 does not work as expected
  • [MBS-6968] – Some unused URLs (linked to areas and places) are not being deleted, as well as some links.
  • [MBS-7044] – Place aliases aren’t sorted by date
  • [MBS-7046] – Artist overview pages for artists with only VA release groups lists both VA release groups AND standalone recordings
  • [MBS-7061] – The tracklistings are gone in the release view.
  • [MBS-7072] – regression: Alphabetical sort is now case-sensitive
  • [MBS-7073] – Standalone recordings in overview feature lacks video column
  • [MBS-7084] – beta: work merge fails to load work info
  • [MBS-7085] – “Couldn’t determine primary code for area $mbid. Perhaps codes aren’t loaded?” warning triggered several times a second
  • [MBS-7086] – JSON webservice does not include video attribute for release’s recordings
  • [MBS-7088] – Empty track times don’t show correctly in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-7092] – Some entries are missing in reports of subscribed entities
  • [MBS-7102] – There are superfluous characters in root/artist/
  • [MBS-7106] – Beta: CAA upload bar no longer getting filled
  • [MBS-7109] – Recording merge not loading info
  • [MBS-7117] – Place and area prefixes missing from annotation short links


  • [MBS-1989] – Make identifying add/remove/edit/merge edits easier
  • [MBS-4495] – Thickbox ignores native key modifiers for image links
  • [MBS-5905] – Allow middle-click of cover art to open in a new tab (as browser standard) instead of lightbox
  • [MBS-5973] – Add release group cover art statistics
  • [MBS-6057] – Links in the cover art lightbox are not easily discoverable
  • [MBS-7081] – Beta: disambiguation comments on inline search are barely readable
  • [MBS-7089] – Update Discogs URL cleanup
  • [MBS-7098] – Disallow Discogs image URLs as image/logo relationships
  • [MBS-7114] – Add a JavaScript string interpolator based on the perl one


  • [MBS-7103] – Update jQuery UI to 1.10.3; include Sortable component

New editing feature: adding new entities from inline search fields

As mentioned in the blog post for the 2013-12-23 server release, a useful new feature for editors is the option to add new entities directly from inline search fields:


There’s an “Add a new [entity]” button at the bottom of (most) search result menus, which upon clicking will open up a dialog in the page. The dialog contains a form identical to the one you’re used to when creating entities the old-fashioned way — that is, from the Editing menu at the top of the website.

Once you’ve successfully added a new entity from the dialog, it’ll be automatically loaded into the search field you started from.

The visible exceptions to this feature are that you can’t add new areas (only location editors can add those), or releases (because those take a lot longer to add, and it wouldn’t be useful to do so in a small dialog that you can accidentally close), and finally, you can’t spawn an add-entity dialog within another add-entity dialog. :)

Another change that went along with this feature (that editors should be aware of) is that we now require artists and labels to be selected on the “Release Information” tab of the release editor.


Previously, you could enter plain text into these fields, proceed to the next tab without selecting a search result, and handle creation on the “Add Missing Entities” tab. Because “Add Missing Entities” has a very limited UI, in the future we’d like to remove it in favor of easier entity-creation on the other tabs. This is a small step towards that. Note that you can still use “Add Missing Entities” for track artists — this change only affects the release artist and release labels on the first tab.


Don’t hesitate to report any bugs or suggestions about this feature to our issue tracker:

All MusicBrainz sites downtime

On Sunday, December 29th at 1pm PST, (2pm AZ, 4pm EST, 9pm UK, 10pm CET) we’re going to swap out our network switch. During this time all MusicBrainz sites hosted in California will be unavailable. (that is all sites, save for the primary and secondary FTP mirrors and the FreeDB gateway).

The work will not start exactly at 1pm, but we’re doing to start executing our plan at 1pm. The exact time for the outage will be announced via Twitter and via the banner on

We hope that this outage will last only 10-15 minutes, but as these things typically go, you’ll never know how long it will really take.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server update, 2013-12-23

Another two weeks and once again, a nice pile of fixed bugs! Thanks to uk/chirlu and reosarevok for fixing a few bugs along with the MetaBrainz team.

Some bits that might interest you:

  • It’s now possible to get an add-entity dialog right from the inline search fields. This should make it much easier to add relationships, especially, as well as creating new artists and labels where needed in the release editor. This also ends up improving the already-existing dialog for creating works in the relationship editor, to include the full functionality of the add work page. We’re hoping to get a fuller blog post on this feature up in the coming days.
  • The artist overview now filters out many release groups by default, for a less cluttered view that should more reliably include only the main discography of bigger artists, rather than including a lot of bootlegs, concert recordings, and other releases that aren’t always useful to see. Of course, there’s still a button to see all release groups.
  • Perhaps less obvious than other changes, but a lot of colors and some other minor styles have changed slightly on the site, as part of a reorganization of our CSS files.

… and, of course, the usual crop of bugs and small improvements. There’s a full list below. The tag for this release is v-2013-12-23.


  • [MBS-5876] – Internal server error requesting a non-existent collection via the webservice
  • [MBS-6547] – Relationship editor popups go out of the screen if titles are too long
  • [MBS-6556] – Pressing enter doesn’t submit create work dialog in relationship editor
  • [MBS-6572] – label/edit_form claims /Label_Comment is a guideline
  • [MBS-6772] – regression : can’t reorder more than one cover art in the same edit
  • [MBS-6867] – Incorrect help text ‘You must select an existing release group. If you wish to move this release, use the “change release group” action from the sidebar.’
  • [MBS-6928] – Creating release via CD TOC is broken (for Various Artists releases)
  • [MBS-6977] – Relationship editor regression: track artists no longer displayed
  • [MBS-6990] – beta : clicking in a release opens a recording in a new window
  • [MBS-7025] – Labels not being shown in merge releases edits
  • [MBS-7057] – Internal server error when attempting to do merges with different entities simultaneously
  • [MBS-7058] – /relationship-editor endpoint ISEs if you don’t include “ended” fields
  • [MBS-7061] – The tracklistings are gone in the release view.
  • [MBS-7069] – beta: Buttons wrongly positioned on edit note tab of release editor
  • [MBS-7077] – beta: sizing issues with dialogs/autocompletes in relationship editor


  • [MBS-1467] – Allow new artists to be created directly from the “Relate to…” search box
  • [MBS-3420] – Allow creating new release groups when editing existing releases via the release editor
  • [MBS-5313] – Add official (default) and unofficial displays for Overview
  • [MBS-5446] – The work creation widget should have a “Guess Case” part
  • [MBS-5515] – Allow adding artists in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-6428] – Move to LESS for more structure in the stylesheets
  • [MBS-6437] – button :active state only fires for <a> elements
  • [MBS-6583] – Make cache prefix names for types more obvious
  • [MBS-6879] – Add reports of entities with deprecated relationships
  • [MBS-6926] – Remove %E2%80%8E from the end of URLs
  • [MBS-7052] – Set cover art page says “No releases have cover art” when it’s not true
  • [MBS-7066] – Load area codes in initial load, instead of separately.
  • [MBS-7067] – Use rel=nofollow on external links.

New Feature

  • [MBS-5442] – The work creation widget should allow to create a work with an ISWC


  • [MBS-7055] – Fix the spelling of eligble_for_cleanup

MusicBrainz Meetup: Chicago, IL, USA, 25-26 January 2014

In case the name didn’t tip you off, this is rather more casual of a get-together than our usual summits, but for those of you with the inclination, a free weekend and a decent way of getting to Chicago: we discovered that our fearless leader Rob was going to be in the same city as one of our developers (bitmap) and figured we’d fly me (the other developer) in too and make a thing of it! We’ll be hanging out in-person through January 25-26, plus probably part of the evening of January 24th, and we’d love to have you join us.

We don’t have much by way of details, at present, in part because this is quite informal. However, if you’re interested, we have a wiki page with arrival times for those of us with plane tickets already, and which we’ll update with any other plans we end up making. If you’d like to come, please add yourself!