Two steps forward, one step back

I’ve been trying to set up various environments to install Picard (Mac OS X 10.3, Gentoo linux, and Windows XP via VirtualPC on the Mac). It’s been a rather trialing process…

Mac OS X

I’ve been trying to get Fink to install it’s base wxpython-py23 package, figuring that if I meet all the dependancies I can then grab the source and rebuild it with UNICODE support.

In case you don’t know, Fink is installer software which is kind of a cross between Gentoo’s portage and Debian’s apt-get. It has a list of packages that you can install, and it will download the source and create a binary package for your system.

I’m finding that Fink plays funny with X11, and the package dependancies rely on Xfree86 4.4, which is one level higher than Apple’s X11. I don’t particularly want to replace Apple’s X11 because Xfree86 doesn’t have some of the niceties that Apple’s one does. So, I’m in Fink’s equivalent of dependancy hell. Still trying to find a workaround.

Gentoo Linux

Finally worked out why ctypes 0.9.1 wasn’t installing. There’s a typo in the code! Wouldn’t you know it. I fixed the typo and sent in a bug report, and was able to install everything else that Picard needs. Great. Ok, let’s try it out:

tarragon@phaea:~/tmp/picard-0.4.0 $ ./
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 55, in ?
import sys, os, locale, copy, wx
ImportError: No module named wx
You have new mail in /var/mail/tarragon


tarragon@phaea:~/tmp/picard-0.4.0 $ etcat -v wxpython

* dev-python/wxpython :
[ I] (2.5) OVERLAY

wxPython is definitely installed, so what have I done wrong?

Windows XP

Finally got a hold of VirtualPC, but have yet to install it and play with it.

2 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one step back

  1. Mayhem & Chaos

    Some notes:

    For the Mac, simply go with source for everything. When you’re having to deal with early software releases such as this crap, its a lot easier.

    The key is the install something into some obscure place like /opt — if things get totally messed up you rm -rf /opt and start over. Your system is not affected.

    I’d leave the default python — that ok. But then install wxPyton, ctypes, libmusicbrainz/python, libtunepimp/python into /opt. Then run everything from /opt.

    I’m serious. This sounds like a royal pita, but I’m totally there to help out.



    What version of wxpython? Did you use my script to install it? If so, you need to give the PYTHONPATH and something else to start the app. Look into the picard INSTALL file under wxPython — there is a script fragment there. Otherwise if wxPython is in a standard install dir, you should make sure that PYTHONPATH includes the dir that wxPython is installed to.

    Good Luck!

  2. myself

    fink can compile packages with apple’s x11 — you need to have apple’s “x11 sdk” installed. it’s included with the xcode installer.

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