Donation history

I was curious how our PayPal donations stacked up over time, so I downloaded our history and stuffed it into Excel and had it draw a pretty graph:


Please note that this does not include donations received outside of PayPal (most notably $1200 from Paul Sharpe). Also, the December 2004 figures only include donations received before December 19, when we switched over to accepting donations via the new MetaBrainz PayPal account.

2 thoughts on “Donation history

  1. car donation

    I have a website that is purly content based and had a donation button on it originally and some of my closest friends said that they actually donated a nominal amount to the website but after logging into paypal, I never saw any record of such a donation. Is there any credence to this and have you ever heard of this in your pay pal studies?
    best regards and interesting stuff,

  2. Mayhem & Chaos

    I’ve never experienced it, but my donations are not tied to a specific service, so if I didn’t get it I wouldn’t know unless someone complained. So far no one has.

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