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New MusicBrainz server virtual machine available

Time to check the weather forecast for hell, because it appears to have frozen over! We have finally released a new Virtual Machine that contains all of the MusicBrainz server software and fixed all of the currently outstanding bugs (for the VM).

The new VM now uses a 64-bit architecture and has 80GB of disk-space so it should be much easier to get along with. I tried to ship one VM that has the search indexes build in, but after 3 hours (and increasing time) of trying to export that VM I killed it. If someone has better luck exporting a VM after building search indexes, please let me know. Also, VirtualBox seems to have improved in stability on Mac OS, so we are not going to build a VMWare version of the VM at this time.

All the details for the new VM are on our Server Setup page.

Remember to get your Live Data Feed access token here if you plan to use the replication.

May 2014 virtual machines released

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just released the May 2014 Virtual Machine images of the MusicBrainz server!

If you’d like to direct download or BitTorrent download these images, head on over to our Server Setup page.

There have been no real changes to the setup of the VM images — we still publish a VirtualBox and a VMWare image. The instructions for using the VMs haven’t changed; the latest data and the May 26th version of the software are loaded on these images.

Have fun!

VMWare image of 2013-10-14 release available

I’ve released the VMWare version of the 2013-10-14 schema change release:

This VM is 8.7GB large and is built on the latest version of VMWare (Fusion in my case). If you’re using a VMWare product, then use this image.

The documentation for this VM has been updated to reflect the latest changes. Please make sure to read this page while you wait for your download!

New VirtualBox image of MusicBrainz server 2013-10-14 available

I’ve released a new Virtual Machine of the MusicBrainz server, based on the recent 2013-10-14 schema change. You can download the updated virtual machine here:

This VM is 10GB large and is built on the latest version of VirtualBox. Due to continuing incompatibilities between VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox, I am going to create a separate VMWare base virtual machine soon. I’m waiting for a vagrant-vmware-fusion license key and once I have that I will build the VMWare version and upload that as well.

The documentation for this VM has been updated to reflect the latest changes. Please make sure to read this page while you wait for your download!

New virtual machine available via BitTorrent

We have finally created a new version of our Virtual Machine and we’re currently seeding it via BitTorrent. If you have some spare bandwidth and would like to help seed this torrent, please join it and leave your client running.

You can find the torrent file here. (edit: for the curious/disk-limited, the downloaded .ova is 10.13GB). Please read the instructions for how to use this VM.

You should consider this VM as beta quality as it not been tested at all. Let’s hope for the best!

UPDATE: We’ve got a workaround for getting this VM to work in VirtualBox. It works just fine under VMWare Fusion and Player.

UPDATE 2: We’ve added a second tracker to the BitTorrent.

Yet another fixed VM uploaded

Though the last version of the 2012-10-15 VM fixed the .ovf to remove an accidentally-included extra disk, this time an incorrect version of a different disk was added. This has been corrected and the finished product tested a bit, so hopefully this time we won’t need another followup blog post!

This time it’s MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova, in the usual places.