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Server update, 2016-10-24

Today we have more URL cleanup and general link fixes from chirlu & yvanz. Thanks to those two again.🙂 This’ll be the last musicbrainz-server release before we move to our new hosting facility. But that move should be done within two weeks, so hopefully the next release won’t be delayed. Thanks again for your patience.

The git tag is v-2016-10-24.


  • [MBS-7164] – URL cleanup doesn’t allow iTunes “Song” download links
  • [MBS-9044] – iTunes: cleanup “geo.itunes” and block/cleanup “linkmaker.itunes” links


  • [MBS-6314] – iTunes sidebar links should specify country
  • [MBS-8802] – Clean up iTunes audiobook and podcast URLs
  • [MBS-9079] – Clean up Wikidata URLs with “/entity”


  • [MBS-8269] – Disallow Commons gallery pages and categories
  • [MBS-9078] – Improve URL cleanup for Wikimedia Commons
  • [MBS-9087] – Link to current VIAF URL format

Server update, 2016-10-10

With a looming deadline for switching to our new hosting facilities (early November), we didn’t have any release last month, and this one is several days late. But we’ve got some good contributions from chirlu and yvanz, especially in the area of URL validation and cleanup, which we’re finally releasing. Much of yvanz’s work has been to refactor our URL cleanup code so that it’s stricter and more robust. Thanks, chirlu & yvanz! You can view the complete changelog below.

The git tag is v-2016-10-10.


  • [MBS-8744] – Block Generasia URLs from Releases
  • [MBS-9069] – Submitting cover art with a long comment fails silently


  • [MBS-8796] – Set a referrer policy for HTTPS pages
  • [MBS-9012] – New Discogs image URLs need cleaning up into release URLs
  • [MBS-9053] – Clean up into the non-mobile site
  • [MBS-9072] – Verify that tport is an integer


  • [MBS-5733] – Allow “otherdatabases” to be validated in URLCleanup
  • [MBS-5736] – Test that the JavaScript catches bad URL entries
  • [MBS-6378] – Add tests for validationRules constraints in URLCleanup.js

Server update, 2016-08-15

This release features some more URL cleanup improvements from Yvanz, as well as a couple UI fixes, and some new events in our timeline graph from Mineo. Thanks, Yvanz and Mineo!

The git tag for today’s release is v-2016-08-15. (Note: This blog post was published a day late.)


  • [MBS-8301] – Relationship tree misrepresented in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-9042] – Misaligned rows in editor profile general information using some languages


  • [MBS-4864] – Add more events to the timeline


  • [MBS-9038] – Add ChangeTip, Flattr, Patreon, PayPal.Me and Tipeee to the sidebar and autoselect
  • [MBS-9039] – Add Kickstarter and Indiegogo to the sidebar and autoselect

Server update, 2016-08-01

We have one URL cleanup fix this week for ResidentAdvisor links — thanks to Yvanz for working on that! We’re still working very hard on moving to a more reliable hosting platform, which is why this week’s release is a small one again. Most of our services have been ported to Docker at this point, and we’re planning to start testing the deployment of these soon. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

The git tag is v-2016-08-01.


  • [MBS-8148] – ResidentAdvisor reviews get selected as Other Database

Server update, 2016-07-04

This is a small bug-fix release. Server development has slowed down while we work on writing Docker containers for our new hosting infrastructure. But code contributions are always welcome. Thanks to Ulrich Klauer (chirlu) for his work on MBS-8806 this release.

The git tag is v-2016-07-04.


  • [MBS-8806] – Artist credits disappearing from tracklist & recordings after editing
  • [MBS-8987] – Untouched URLs are automatically/suddenly cleaned up
  • [MBS-8996] – Error message when trying to merge releases displays as “ARRAY(stuff)”
  • [MBS-8997] – Merging releases with “(Disc 1)”, “(Disc 2)” etc in titles selects all as disc 1
  • [MBS-8999] – Track lengths are in the wrong table column in the release editor

New Feature

  • [MBS-8994] – Allow passing &dismax=true through to the search server so Picard can show the same results as on the website

Server update, 2016-06-20

Our release today contains the usual lot of bug fixes and improvements. Thanks to yvanz, chirlu, and reosarevok for their contributions. The git tag is v-2016-06-20.


  • [MBS-7358] – Edit types not translated on Release editor / edit note tab
  • [MBS-7963] – Release editor doesn’t prevent too long disambiguation comments
  • [MBS-8809] – ASIN cleanup can be defective
  • [MBS-8951] – Recent notes is broken
  • [MBS-8968] – JSON version of artist includes gender-id value, which has no xml equivalent
  • [MBS-8977] – Edit searches with relationship type conditions cause an internal server error
  • [MBS-8983] – « Show only results that are in my subscribed entities. » checkbox broken
  • [MBS-8985] – Fix CPDL URLs matching and clean it up
  • [MBS-9000] – HTML special characters are not escaped on aliases page


  • [MBS-7111] – Improve URL matching for links


  • [MBS-8982] – Stop “fixing” piano with Guess Case